ZORKI-O – optical-electronic complex with a Doppler radar for detecting and tracking air and ground objects in any complex conditions. The system is designed for ground and low altitude air surveillance, it provides targets’ detection, tracking and recognition, “human, vehicle, UAV” type, day and night time. The system can be used for states’ boarders’ protection and other critical objects. The system can be deployed onto a vehicle.


  • 360 degrees and sector RADAR scan;

  • Small and low-speed moving targets’ detection;

  • Moving targets’ coordinates’ primary measurements (azimuth, range, velocity);

  • Detected targets’ automatic tracking;

  • Background returns’ compensation by special adaptive algorithms;

  • Antenna position remote control in azimuth and elevation;

  • Target designating to electro-optical systems.

Electro-optical module 

  • Display of television and thermal vision images simultaneously;  

  • Control of TV and thermal vision camera settings; 

  • Control of electro-optical module position; 

  • “Scanning” mode – rotation of EOM with the set velocity and into the set direction;  

  • “Patrol” mode – creation and editing of surveillance routs of EOM; 

  • Creation of panoramic images and control of system using panoramic image window; 

  • Documentation and archiving of video data and of inside information;   

  • Targeting according to external target detection data received from the radar module; 

  • Automatic target tracking; 

  • Video motion detector; 

  • Video picture stabilization. 

System configuration:

  • Full HD long-range Thermal Camera (cooled or uncooled);

  • GPS (optional);

  • digital magnetic compass (optional);

  • operator workstation with special software;

  • X-band RADAR;

  • laser rangefinder;

  • long-range Day Camera;

  • sniper and observer detection system (optional);

  • electronic warfare system (optional).

System provides:

  • UAV detection distance up to 9 km by radar (Phantom 4);

  • UAV detection distance up to 3 km by optic;

  • Vehicle detection distance up to 15 km by radar;

  • Vehicle detection distance up to 13 km by optic;

  • Detected ground and air targets Radar Tracking in 360 degrees and sector scan modes;

  • Outputting the tracked objects measured parameters to optic and external devices;

  • Optical visual detection and real-time recognition;

  • Day and night effective operation under any weather conditions.


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