NEW! Version 2.1 of the cross-platform information exchange library


Library RfTransportProtocol lib

Version 2.1 software library for the exchange of information RfTransportProtocol lib has been released. The library is intended for use in C++ projects to organize information exchange between two devices (physical or logical) in accordance with the information exchange Protocol RfTransportProtocol (RFTP). The library provides reception and transmission of information via a serial port or UDP port. When transmitting information via a serial port, the library provides a transport layer of communication. In the exchange of information via the UDP protocol, the library is a wrapper around it. The library provides the user with a simple interface for receiving and transmitting random data, while all interaction with the serial ports of the device and UDP sockets is carried out by the library itself. The software library RfTransportProtocol lib is used in cases when it is necessary to organize the exchange of information of any type between two devices over a network or via a serial port, where the integrity of transmitted data has to be ensured. The library allows a developer to quickly organize the exchange without directly using the sockets or serial port files. Detailed information can be found on the product page.

Sergey Zaplatnikov