NEW! Version 3.0 of the automatic tracking software

DEMO VIDEO RfVideoTracker lib

Version 3.0 of the RfVideoTracker lib software library for auto-tracking objects on video has been released. The RfVideoTracker lib software library allows you to effectively monitor small objects of very low contrast on a complex background and under interference conditions. With the help of the software library, it is possible to implement the STOP-FRAME function when capturing objects for tracking and compensation of time delays in communication channels when transmitting control commands. Software library RfVideoTracker lib is intended for the solution of guidance and target acquisition tasks. The library is used in unmanned aerial vehicles, combat modules, fire control systems, anti-aircraft systems, homing heads, as well as in wearable, portable and stationary reconnaissance and target designation systems. Version 3.0 adds the ability to track dynamic objects with a frame offset of up to 52 pixels in any direction.

Sergey Zaplatnikov