The RfTransportProtocol lib software library is intended for use in C++ projects for organizing information exchange between two devices (physical or logical) in accordance with the RfTransportProtocol information exchange protocol (RFTP). The library provides reception and transmission of information via a serial port or via a UDP port. When transmitting information via a serial port, the library provides the transport level of interaction. When exchanging information using the UDP protocol, the library represents an add-on above it. The user sees a simple interface for receiving and transmitting random data, while the library interacts with the serial ports of the device and UDP sockets independently. Delivered exclusively as source code files.


The RfTransportProtocol lib software library is used in cases when it is necessary to organize the exchange of any type of information between two devices over a network or a serial port, while ensuring the integrity of the transmitted information. The library allows the developer to quickly organize the exchange without working directly with sockets or serial ports files. Based on our library, a developer can quickly build his information exchange library with a specific device (provided that the RfTransportProtocol protocol is implemented in the device itself). To do this, it is enough for him to write the device data parsers transmitted within the RfTransportProtocol protocol. When exchanging information over the network, the library provides a high data exchange rate due to the use of the UDP protocol and due to the minimum length of service fields of the transmitted packets. When transmitting video data, the library ensures minimal time delays, significantly less than when using video transmission protocols such as RTP or RTSP. The library has a data integrity monitoring mechanism with repeated requests for lost packets from the sender. When exchanging information on the serial port, the library ensures the formation of information packets on the receiving side during their transmission in parts.


The RfTransportProtocol lib software library is written in C++ (C++ 11 standard) without using third-party software modules and functions dependent on the operating system or processor. Compatibility has been achieved with any Linux, Windows and FreeBSD family of operating systems that support C++ compilers (C++ 11 standard). The library is compiled from source codes and can be used with any type of processor (x86, ARM, RISC-V, etc.).


The software library is supplied under the perpetual SSCL license (source code). The price of the perpetual license for the source codes of the software library is 300 EUR.



  • RfTransportProtocol lib v2.2 Brochure [DOWNLOAD]

  • RfTransportProtocol lib v2.2 Programmer manual [DOWNLOAD]

  • RfTransportProtocol lib v2.2 Protocol specification [DOWNLOAD]

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